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My name is Saad Ahmed Kayani and I am the CEO of HIEP Foundation. I warmly welcome all you visitors over this website. In today's world people have devoted their attention to almost every subject lying under the ocean of knowledge whether it belongs to science or arts. But unfortunately religion which is an important source of knowledge has been side tracked after being marked as something old, ugly, unfriendly and dangerous. Whereas throughout the history of mankind, people have benefited from religious texts which resulted in creating societies encompassed with moral standards and justice.    


Sadly during last two decades religion has been hijacked by two groups of people. The first group comprises some religious scholars (NOT All SHOLARS) who have almost no knowledge of science, history, sociology, philosophy, psychology and many other important contemporary areas of knowledge. But a rather more disappointing factor is that some religious scholars (NOT All SHOLARS) lack love for humanity in their hearts. As a result they have come out with highly aggressive, narrow minded and oppressive interpretations of messages of God presented in His holy books. This has resulted in fragmentation both within a society and among two different societies also. The extreme and oppressive interpretations by some scholars have led to extreme and oppressive actions taken by students of religion. These actions mostly involve bomb blasts, personal threats and targeted assassinations leading to a total collapse of moral values, rule of law and hence a society. In some regions of world we see no rule of law as almost each individual is deciding matters pertaining to religious disagreements through his own course of actions.  This has resulted in creating a monstrous image of religion which once was considered as a good source of social, spiritual, psychological and philosophical knowledge. Therefore the first threat to religion is from a 'specific conservative group' of religious scholars who exist worldwide and whose job is to spread hatred in the minds of people in the name of religion. The second blow on religion has come from some athiest scientists of 21st century. These scientists have certainly diverted from their original role of serving science and are now deliberatly targeting religion and believers of one God. 


Consequently, activities by these two groups have buried the true message of God sent down in religious books. God's true message focuses on ; 'justice through rule of law, moral values and love', as three basics ingredients that form a healthy society which God wants to see on His planet. Even the absence of one among these three basic ingredients would create a psychologically sick society. God asks us to abide by this message to achieve social peace, mental satisfaction, salvation and reward. Through this website I have made an effort to highlight and present the true message of God that has been sent by God's prophets in past. By clear help of God you would be able to read and understand the actual message of God. Apart from refreshing the message of God you will also be able to understand the actual loving and caring nature of God Himself. I thank God for his guidance and help in doing this work.


Finally I request you to please start reading articles beginning from left side of the heading bar of this website so that you can catch the sequence of the writings. So please in reading go from left to right, that is, first read the article 'The Perishable Palace' and then next article and so on. Good luck and God bless you :)    

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