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The Believer's Philosophy

The Perishable Palace


Eminent astronomer and cosmologist Edwin Hubble 1929) believed that since the time of its birth the universe is constantly expanding. The discovery of Dark Energy (an unseen but detectable energy causing universe expansion) has further reinforced this view in modern times. One of theological sources, The Holy Quran that was revealed a little more than 14 centuries ago from today, appears to have a very similar view. It states that “And we, (i.e. God) have created the heaven (universe) with our might and indeed we are expanding it (i.e. the universe)”. [51:47]. Regarding the fate of our universe a number of physicists and astronomers are with the view that the universe may come to an end. One of such theories is Big Crunch, which explains a possible end of universe due to halt in expansion of universe caused by strong gravitational pull of all matter. Second possible end of universe is proposed in 'Big Chill' theory where the expansion will continue forever causing huge distance between celestial bodies, which will result in the end of universe by taking it into a dark and cold state. A relatively new theory that explains the rapid expansion of universe and then eventual termination of universe due to Dark Energy influence is known as Big Rip Theory (2003). This theory describes a possible end of universe by rapid expansion through Dark Energy in the space, this expansion will also cause galaxies to separate and terminate by overpowering the gravitational pull of matter. The final consequence of such ever increasing acceleration rate of universe expansion will be a universe without any matter and energy or in short a dead universe. Scientifically the fate of universe is not fully discovered due to little knowledge about the properties of newly discovered Dark Matter, such as, whether Dark Energy causes a perpetual acceleration or not. As postulated by astronomers and physicists after quite hard work any one of all these theories has the tendency of being true.

The second law of thermodynamics is an undisputed law that is accepted by all physicists, philosophers and astronomers. Therefore it makes relatively easy for us to reach to a conclusion in regard to the fate of universe. The law basically states that entropy, that is, the level of disorder in closed systems is always increasing and the universe will eventually lead to a state of total disorder or termination. According to this law energy always transfers from hot body to a cold body and once a hot body loses energy it cannot be brought back. The common examples quoted by many writers is of an ice placed inside a closed room that eventually melts due to heat transfer from room into the ice. The stars in our universe are hot bodies constantly losing energy into their surrounding space and as mentioned earlier according to second law of thermodynamics once available energy is lost it can never be recovered. This process is constantly resulting in cooling down of our universe since its birth and it will carry on until there remains no available energy which will be death of our universe. This view and interpretation of second law of energy is supported by John .M Cimbala in his article written for the book 'Why Fifty Scientists Choose to Believe in Creation' (edited by John F. Ashton 2000, Master Books).

This incident appears quite similar to the event of ‘the day of judgement’ very regularly referred in all Holy scriptures. The Holy Bible mentions about similar ending of the universe due to dissolution of heavenly bodies and arrival of a judgement day in following verse: 'But the day of the Lord will come like a thief, and then the heavens will disappear with a roar, the elements will be destroyed by fire, and the earth and everything in it will be laid bare' (Peter 3:10). The Holy Quran talks about the same incidence in the following verse: 'In that is a Sign for those who fear the penalty of the Hereafter: that is a Day for which mankind will be gathered together: that will be a Day of Testimony' (11:103).

Based on these theological sources and scientific theories we can call this world and universe ‘A Perishable Palace’. As it is a place that looks very beautiful, big and tempting like a huge 'palace' but it is on its way towards an ultimate end. This philosophical name (The Perishable Palace) given to the reality of our universe and our individual lives on this universe can be further and better understood through some interesting basic real life observations shared in next article over this website named 'Interpretation of the Visible Reality' .  







Writer: Saad Ahmed Kayani

Detailed scientific, logical and philosophical response to atheist scientists on existence of God has been given in detail in the upcoming book 'Noor-ay-Marfat' (light through  God's recognition) written by Saad Ahmed. All articles over this website are little points discussed in some topics of first two chapters of this upcoming book.  It is illegal to republish or sell these articles by any means under international copy rights protection law. 

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