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Ultimate Destination of All Living Beings

The Imperishable Palace:


According to physicist Alex Vilenkin numerous new universes will keep on emerging from inflation process known as eternal inflation in the area outside our universe space bubble causing many other big bangs.  But Alex's theory got little attention from other physicists as it can't be tested because we cannot observe or see universes beyond our universe. So there is no definitive scientific discovery up till now and therefore evidence regarding the future of multi universes, which again compels us to turn our attention towards other fields of knowledge to find the answer to this question. After passing the test of accurate predictions about existence of many universes and planets the Holy Scriptures again appear to be the most reliable source. Secondly after proving their advancement in predicting many scientific theories before their discovery compared with any other book or thesis the holy books again seems to predict the future of all universes when every other book or thesis appear silent or in some cases unsure on the subject. God reveals the fate of all universes and our planet in the holy Quran by saying: “They made not a just estimate of Allah such as is due to Him. And on the Day of Judgment the whole of the earth will be grasped by His Hand and the heavens will be rolled up in His Right Hand” (39:67). The use of word ‘heavens’ by God clearly explains the fate of all universes as all will be vanished. May be in future, scientific advancement makes it possible for us to verify the end of all universes as it has verified previous predictions of Holy Quran. God also gives us the information about the hell and the paradise as final destination or living place for all living beings after the souls are combined again with physical bodies. The concept of heaven and hell has been mentioned several times in the Holy Bible, Holy Torah and Holy Quran. I don’t think that it will be ever possible for any kind of scientific advancement to make a human eye see the hell or paradise otherwise the God’s intentions to test mankind in this world will lose its actual grounding. That is all people will believe in God and correct their actions after they see hell and the paradise with their eyes. Whereas, God several times talks about believing in unseen, that is, hell and paradise and also God himself, and then living a justly life like that of all prophets and seeking a reward and escaping the punishment forever on the day of judgement. If we do all this after seeing hell, paradise and the God from our physical eyes then there remains no test for the mankind and therefore no reason for reward or punishment. However, God has given us these eyes to see his mighty signs in the universe and revealed clear information (in Holy Scriptures) explaining that this life is a test for us and finally he gave us brain to study and observe the universe and then test the validity and accuracy of his verses on universe and His message of the coming life in the hereafter. God has certainly been quite fair with us.


Regarding the fate of hell and paradise God says that these worlds and our life in these worlds will remain forever.  Regarding the fate of righteous people God expresses in Quran an image of life in paradise that will never end; “The gardens of perpetuity, the doors are opened for them” (38:50). The life of hell is also eternal but only for those who denied the existence of God, disbelieved in his message and in any one of His prophets whether Moses, Jesus, Abraham or Muhammad (peace be upon all of them) and oppressed God's creations on planet earth. Whether the oppression is done in the name of a religious belief, any worldly greed or due to a stern non-religious belief, the punishment will be given by God to fulfil the requirements of justice. As God describes such eternal life in Quran by saying “As to those who are rebellious and wicked, their abode will be the Fire: every time they wish to get away from there, they will be returned to it, and it will be said to them: Taste the Punishment of the Fire in which you used to deny” (32:20). As for people who are among believers but did sins God might forgive them after some punishment or even before punishment depending upon the level or severity of a sin. Such supreme forgiveness of God appears in many verses of Quran and also Hadith of prophet Muhammad (PBUH). This is the final destination for all mankind, a place where no life will come to an end (i.e. no soul will be separated from its physical body) and also that world itself will never come to an end and so all the pleasures, happiness and sadness in it. Based on this we can call that world ‘The Imperishable World’. From the entire discussion one conclusion arrives that we all are in a state of journey and we are travelling from The Perishable Palace (this world) towards The Imperishable Palace (the hereafter). During this travel after a temporary stay in The Perishable Palace our souls leave our body for another temporary stay in the world in other universes, the station here of a soul is dependent upon the deeds done in his/her life on planet earth. After this second temporary stay the souls will be united with their physical bodies and we all will be asked to enter hell fire or paradise again based on our deeds during the life spent on earth.  This journey is predefined for all of us from our creator ‘the one God (Allah)’ and he has given us all the opportunity to determine our final destination in the paradise by ourselves through believing in Him, His all messengers and doing good deeds during this life on earth. If we accept and live by this message of God it gives us internal peace and it frees us from all fears. All fears are result of thoughts that are always focused on just the life in Perishable Palace we need to spread our vision beyond this life and also think about eternal life coming our way in the Imperishable Palace. God disclosed his intentions to gather all our good family members who also believed in God in one single peaceful place forever. A place where there are no diseases, fights and death and it is the paradise. God says to all of us in the Holy Quran that “And those who are blessed, they will be in Paradise, abiding therein for all the time” (11:108)


When all other previous information provided by God in Holy Scriptures regarding existence of many universes and planets have proven true, no doubt the prediction of eternal life hereafter will also come true. Everything discussed in this article is actually the believer’s ‘philosophy of Life’ which is based on logic driven through conscious observation, reasoning, scientific findings and messages sent down by God through revelation on his all prophets in the form of Holy Scriptures.   


This philosophy of life regarding humans' journey from Perishable Palace to Imperishable Palace is the message of God that has been revealed to mankind since the beginning of human race. This message is found in all the versions of actual Abrahamic religion and has been preserved in its most purest form within the religion called Islam.



Writer: Saad Ahmed Kayani

All articles over this website are taken from first two chapters of the upcoming book 'Noor Marfat' (God's light and  recognition) written by Saad Ahmed. Therefore it is illegal to republish or sell these articles by any means under international copy rights protection law.

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